Band shop is 1 per order, Merchbar isn't. No info on if signed by full band, I guess just Jon Bon Jovi.

Both shops only credit card.

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yeah saw a black one on FB (eesh)

Post office did a number on mine.  Tube was crushed and missing a cap.  As a result, the poster looks like this...

Side note: If you get a vague shipping notification today from BSI Merch, that's likely the poster from the UK store shipping.

Any emails at all from them would be nice after buying them 7 weeks ago today :D 

13 minutes later...Just had the BSI Merch email. Admittedly just the one despite ordering two but it's a start. 

Let’s hope posting about it works for me too. No word yet since the order.

I got that and thought it was a scam email. So I called them and gave the order number and they said it was for the poster.  Cause the date of order was 6/10/2020 and I didn’t remember ordering anything in June. But it’s UK date and was October. 

Yeah, the order # didn't match up to the original order # given.

I ordered 2 only got one number?!??

I've just had an email notification of dispatch for my second order so two days after getting the email notification of the first one despite ordering them within 15 minutes of each other. The first one hasn't turned up yet but it's some progress at least.


Me too, just now

First one has just turned up in a decent tube. Signed in gold right in the middle and looks great so thats one Christmas present sorted!

Great, nothing here, fingers crossed for tomorrow



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