BONO Surrender: 40 songs, One Story - Signed Edition WATERSTONES

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Be careful cancelling Easons as you never know if Waterstones cancels for some reason. Thanks for the post!

Man that's frustrating! So close! Thanks for sharing, Kenny.

Dammit. I've been on not long after both sold out. I did get Easons before the banner came down so hopefully those who cancel get me further up the line. Do we think any other stores will have online sales?

WH Smith do get a few same as Waterstones, no harm in checking.

Yes if you are in the UK along with WHSmith it's worth checking and re-checking with Foyles, Bookabookshop and Coles....

Coles and Bookabook both told me they won’t be getting any.

I thought they might be hard to get but the way these are popping up it seems like they may be more available like the Dave Grohl ones were. I'll be watching for more and post as soon as I see one, I'd like to get a backup order in somewhere just in case because you never know with cancelations these days

Nuts! Missed it.

I'm surprised rough trade hasn't had any signed ones up yet 

I have that site bookmarked and check it pretty regularly. If I see something, I'll post it.

This actually makes me feel better about the Eason orders.  It seems like Waterstones and BAM had a decent amount of signed copies--so hopefully Eason does too and we get those.

Too late! Numbers must be very limited.



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