It's a first come first served. The signed copies will be allocated in chronological order based on the date and time of purchase. So it's not guaranteed you will get a signed one.

EDIT: It's presumed to be SOLD OUT.

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Did your notification indicate if it was Signed ? Just wondering...

sorry for the rate reply Kenny K, just saw this...nope to indication of Signed,

hoping so much though for a Bono graph....

OK, just wondering because I received the same message...  just says Book

As Tom Petty said, " The Waiting is the Hardest Part".  I probably have zero chance of seeing anything before the 6th or 7th at the earliest.  Folks on the East Coast will have a big advantage over the rest of us on this one.  

I've not had any tracking scans on my Eason have you?

I’m shipping to the States and received a tracking email from

FYI, so keep an eye out. 

sorry for the rate reply GarethRossUK just saw this...nope no tracking scans yet...

hoping so much though for a Bono graph....

so does everyone think the bono’s are real signatures by him on the books? i’m no bono expert so i am very curious if he really signed them or not? 

These look good. Nice signatures actually.

This book shop got them, not for sale on official site though, only bidding through Ebay unfortunately, they've sold 2 so far and listed another they have had a few their lucky. Wish Waterstones would get them back. 

Attachments: No photo uploads here

They've listed another one, straight after they don't put them all on at once. 

I am glad the UK books seem to be signed on the correct page and not just a blank page.



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