looks rushed but ok in my Opinion......or did i go wrong ? Whats its worth?? Thanx for Response !

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Well, I do not like it. Even if it is real, then I guess it would be absolutely impossible sell it in the future. Wait for Eric or Mark. :-)

 you are right:

Wait for Eric or Mark

one other problem bowie hated the blue sharpie so lets see what eric says

Not for me. Very atypical construction and "B", and the apostrophe is normally above the paraph. I don't recall seeing one underneath.

With the atypical "B" and the apostrophe being where it is - could be IP rushed (general form and solution to the "ie" is "correct" but quite odd in execution), but so far off the usual track I would avoid. A tough sell at very best.

Note: Undated Bowie's account for perhaps 10% of all authentic examples. The date of this photo does fit in with the undated nature of the signature but I am still not comfy. MarkG is needed for these later years.

I am not going to be popular here BUT I do believe it's very probably a genuine rushed autograph by DB. I thought the same thing when I first saw it on the auction house's site.

As Eric would say, if you have half a doubt or it doesn't look right, avoid.

Sara has a great eye now and rightly does not trust non classic traits.

It isn't a classic Bowie signature, but it has many of the nuances of a very rushed genuine signature including a left hand signing.

Obviously its signed post 2004.

Would I buy it - no because it's not classic.

Would I buy it if I didn't have a Bowie but needed one in my collection?  Probably.

Would I stake my house on Bowie having signed it? Yes.

Hi Mark, I felt it might from the proper "owie" solution (just very vertical here - "snub- nosed Bowie" like my old 2010 CD), apostrophe itself appears right but placement threw me. That paraph looks good as well.  You know these years far better than I. ;)

Hi Mark, nice to see you!

I would say if it is real then it can become a great value for whom it was signed but not for anyone else, because it's not a "as you say" classic signature. A lot of people will doubt about its genuinity - so hard to sell in the future. I wouldn't want it in my collection, and I'd rather wait - Eric taught me that. :-)

But have to admit that it is signed by left handed at least, but I really do not like the sharp from flop to "o".

"...I am not going to be popular here..."

LOL Mark, I think your station (to station) is secured! :)

Here's a spot on example of a rushed 2006...and even then, from his concentrated face , it looks like he's signing carefully!


Disclaimer: " I have NO personal or commercial interest in the signature in question" apart from my house of course... 

PPS The dot on the i of the Bowie is on his pinky finger

Forgot to answer your question on value................no more than £150. It's not the greatest example.



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