Authenticated by Luxe West Inc. Already 1 bid of $3,000....don't miss out!!!

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You left out the best part - the auction description...

A Word To Collectors: BEWARE (NOTE: It should have stopped here.)

Purchase your Signed Beatles Treasures, Rock and Roll Memorabilia and Sports Memorabilia From JAM Collectibles
The world of collectibles can be many different things. Two of the most obvious is 1) collecting for fun; and 2) collecting investment grade items. (NOTE: Yes they is.) Of course, all collecting should be fun, but not all collectibles, in fact most, are not of investment grade. Unfortunately, the average collector has very little, by way of resources, to tell the difference. My name is Michael Halbreich, I have been in the collectibles field for over 35 years and have been featured in books, magazines, national television shows (such as Entertainment Tonight, Good Morning America, ABC, CBS and NBC news, Entrepreneur Magazine, as an authentication expert for such companies as Christie’s and Sotheby’s and on the successful auction program “Auction Kings”). Most recently, I am featured in the soon to be published definitive book on the impact of The Beatles on the 20th Century and beyond. I am a meticulous investigator into the originality and authenticity of each and every item that I have ever presented to or sold to my vast base of collectors. All items purchased are guaranteed to be as represented and all come with Certification of Authenticity. Signed items come with multiple Certifications, and each undergoes a forensic examination by a professional forensic authenticator. Our guarantee provides the purchaser the right of a full refund for the item purchased, while owned by the original purchaser, in the event we are able to conclusively
Many unfortunate collectors have been lulled into a false sense of security because they have purchased items that comes with a letter from the owner of the item who declares themselves to be experts because they have collected for years and are ardent fans. This problem is especially pervasive in the rock and roll and sports industries. This manner of business is ripe with fraud, self-dealing and conflict of interest. At JAM Collectibles ALL signed items undergo multiple authentications and are not sold from the private collections of anyone doing the selling or the authentication.
Finally, and most importantly, there are many auction houses that are working the sellers of personal collection where both the auction house and the Seller/Authenticator share a mutual benefit in representing the article as real. We want you to be safe, happy and free from fraud in your purchases. Please call and talk to me (I will take your calls personally) before spending a significant amount of money on a “SIGNED” piece of memorabilia. Yes, you may have heard the name of the seller, or read the hype they promote but you are at risk of making serious errors for all the reasons set forth above.
A Certification of Authenticity does not imply that the item will be certified by any other rival authentication companies. The accompanied certification is the only certification the seller can confirm. These items are being sold as collectable pieces and there is no guarantee that a particular item can be resold on any online marketplace. Actual guitar or other pieces, signatures, ink colors and location on piece may vary from picture.
Let me help you, let me guide you with a disinterested third-party evaluation. I wish you all safe collecting.

Where is it for sale? LuxeWest owns High End Memorabilia, which had thousands of auction lot images removed due to copyright infringement alone from LiveAuctioneers, iCollector, ProxiBid and kicked them off last fall.

This, BTW, looks like a Brian Burkel forgery. Burkel owns; which was previously known as and another name I forget at the time.

There are records of Burkel importing tens of thousands of pounds of guitars from China over the last 15 years, including 7,700 pounds of them in Oct. 2016.

Speak of the Devil, Ballroom!

The so-called third-party certificate of authentication is by Burkel's fraudulent authentication service, Autographs Authentication Service.


Wow. I just want to say that you all are outstanding! I feel like I learn a ton just perusing the forums here. It's amazing, and disheartening, how sketchy some of these sellers are. 

Thank you for taking the time to post and point it out.



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