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Got mine from rough trade as well and couldn’t be more pleased! 

What store was this from?

Nice, is that the US edition?

I just received it from Indigo Canada.

Just received from Alabama Booksmith. 

I had to update my payment method from waterstones,I emailed them just to make sure I'm good.

After my experience with A Promised Land, Renegades, RHCP, and others-I ordered these from 3 different places to make sure I was covered. Now I have shipping notices for all of them.  Sigh!!!!  Seems like you can't win.

Same here but these make awesome Xmas presents. At least for my family and people I know. Not for everyone but a lot, especially older people, will appreciate what this is. I gave away a few extra grohls lastime and had nothing but smiles. This is my grohl of 2022 I think I'm slowly becoming known as the autograph gift giver. People see them differently. Some see it as a thoughtful gift, some as an investment and some as instant money but im sure a few will also regift. Its better than boring socks or giftcards.. no matter what, I always end up with some extras over the course of a year and since I hate Xmas shopping for older people, this just makes it so much easier. The older I get, it feels like we are just exchanging funds as presents without much thought anyways. Im sure ill be restricted to shopping at target and Amazon again in January. Its really hard to buy a perfect gift for people who can buy whatever they want at any time anyways. Kids and young adults are different. They are more fun to shop for. Rant over lol

After basically 2 years of waiting, I finally get the book, and it looks like it went through a bumper car race and a car wash. The very thin shipping box was mangled and once the book was taken out, it's a mess. the top somehow got water in it and is all expanded and stained. I can nearly see the pictures in the middle w/o even opening the book, there are large dents on the cover/spine and pages. Thank goodness the signed page is all right and I have a back up with different signed page coming from BAM. The book as a collectible is a total loss. I'll try to add pics later. so very disappointed with Waterstones on this one.

Oh Dear, sorry to hear this. My copy is currently in transit from Waterstones. I hope my copy did not go under a hammer or any other craziness from anyone along the way.

Can u show a pic of it,im waiting on my waterstones 2



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