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Here's the book, best I can do for now

Attachments: No photo uploads here

I may have an idea of what could be done. Friend request sent

Thanks Jason. Checking that out. Here is the box too.

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20221031_125103.jpgReceived both of mine today, and one had two auto pages in it...score!!

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WOW !!! That's a super score  mike !!!

Obviously Makes the piece even more rare, unique, collectible and valuable!

Early Christmas for you!

Heck yeah. Lol I had to do a double-take, and quickly look at my other book, but only one auto in that one.

Me too! One copy of the two I ordered has 2 signature pages. 

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Showing live for the UK folks at WH Smith.  Too bad they don't ship to the U.S. an a reshipper is too costly for this.  I really like the look of the versions with the stamp they are getting in the UK.

It doesn't seem to let me add it to the basket on there for some reason

That's weird.  I tried to add to the basket before posting and sailed right into the checkout.  Maybe they had a few stragglers due to payment cancellations that popped up and sold through. 

I noticed it showing like that since around the time these started shipping from other retailers. Didn't let me add one to cart then either. I contacted them and was told they are out of stock.


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