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I noticed these back in stock at Alabama Booksmith but they are noted as having dinged jackets, I already ordered one from them which was really nice but ordered another just in case I get one like the example they have that shows the addition on " Cheers"

Huge find! Hopefully my order goes through, appreciate you throwing that up!

they just emailed me and said it will ship tomorrow so I'm guessing your order is OK

I cannot find these...are they sold out?

yeah, it looks like they took the page down so they must be gone, although if I remember right there was a website problem the last time and they disappeared for a while before showing up again. might be worth keeping an eye on

Just spoke with the owner, they have pulled the listing until they catch up on the orders. If there are any left they will relist it and limit it to one per person.

I bet some probably were trying to order 10+ copies and that's why they pulled it, it's one of the problems with this site, whenever you post anything you are basically alerting a bunch of resellers at the same time. 

These are back in stock now

Don't you think that the signatures on the Booksmith-webpage (example page & Brian in the car) look pretty similar?

I was worried about Autopen because you are right that the 2 example pics they had posted looked identical, but I got mine today and while they are similar there are definite differences so I think we are good. here is their example and mine side by side  

Back up right now limit 1 per

I guess people missed my post over an hour ago. they will probably miss yours as well. Ill repost as a separate comment and not as a reply



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