Interested to hear your thoughts on this one. Came in an autograph  album with Mick Jagger's opposite. I've no concerns about his.


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Meaning ??


Roger Epperson disagrees you but thanks for your comment.

It looks like a secretarial version of his signature.

I don't believe this is real either, unfortunately.  It looks rendered rather carefully.

Thanks for your comments. The reason I created this post was because it's in an autograph album and all of the other sigs look fine including  the Jaggers but Jones looked slightly A typical. After some research I could see that there were enough consistencies to think it's fine. Jones autographs changed a lot during his brief period of fame and we all know why, but this one looked more sensibly signed, maybe he was having a good day ! Roger agrees with me so I'm happy with that but I understand why it's getting some negative feedback even though I don't agree. 

I wasn't going to ask Roger but as soon as I got the 'shocking ' comment I couldn't resist pressing that quick opinion button !


marcymarc - Are you able to post pics of the other Stones signatures from the album that this Jones came from?  That might be of help to the folks who have taken the time to weigh in on this thread...certainly a better sense of it's context.

Sure,only a Jagger the rest are other bands  none of note.

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