I picked this and a bunch of other 8x10's from a friend i've known since middle school. I'd like a second opinion just to keep him honest please.

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if its real there are much beer ones out there

here are some of my posters for sale done in person racc trusted seller # 220

The New Year's Eve signed poster is awesome, JS!

It looks good to me.  I met him at a McCartney concert years ago and he signed my ticket.  It was barely a "B" but he was rushed and it seems consistent to your posts.  I will try and find it and post it for comparison sake (not sure where it is though-LOL).

Yes! My buddies 'graphs would be rushed as he gets all of his 'graphs at the airport mostly or the venue or hotel if he really wants to get someones 'graph badly. Also: He doesn't ask stars to not personalize their 'graphs. He has a dry rag and a rag of nail polish remover in the other pocket that he wipes away his name as soon as he can.

I’m not sure on this one. It’s very faint and significantly abbreviated (which Brian can do depending on the situation).  There are lots of other, more typical examples that I would prefer over this one. I’ve included a pic of a signed limited show poster I obtained in person as a reference. It’s available if anyone is interested BTW. 

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