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Thanks! My friend is a huge fan and will love this. So glad it isn't a card or print. Only 37 left right now.

Thanks, got one. How can you tell how many are in stock?

this is the one I use, it doesn't work with everything but usually does with Newbury

That's cool. Thanks, I'll have to bookmark that site.

You are always on top of everything. Good job. Im pretty certain its the same link I have

yeah, I think I got it from someone on here lol. I used to use the Shopify Inventory Viewer extension and it worked really well but I think they banned it because when I try to go to it now it says "This extension violates the Chrome Web Store policy"

I have a link saved on my desktop.. im always on the phone these days and it doesn't work on mobile so I don't have it saved. If someone doesn't post it by tonight, ill get you the link

Edit: KD beat me to it

I passed on this. Can't stand them.. i worked as a wedding videographer for years and had to endure their most popular song many many times.. i do not need something that reminds me of the countless hours I spent editing. Lol... actually, it might be fun to have something that absolutely p***** me off. Anyways, for the guys out there who let their wives pick their wedding music, this might be special for you even though you may not have a clue who they are

Luckily I'm not married and haven't been to many weddings so I don't mind them lol. They were on Colbert the other night and put on a decent performance. I seen them live many years ago with a friend and enjoyed the show so I've listened to most their stuff over the years. So I guess I have a bit better memories associated with them haha... but I can see where they'd be an acquired taste.

Lol.. if its acquired, its for sure not from their song "the first day of my life" it was very popular for video montages.. i can't tell you how many times I've had to listen to it. I never aquired anything but a headach

Haha, yeah I think that's gotta be their most popular song and it could definitely get old quick. I can see where that would be popular with weddings. I've seen it pop up on commercials here and there somewhat lately too, and even as a cover song on commercials. They got a decent range of music though, not all of them are sappy love songs, some more electronic, some more folksy/acoustic sounding... But kind of a love it or hate it type of thing I'd guess for most people. I'm from the Midwest, and so are they, so maybe it's a Midwest thing lol. 

I ended up buying one before they sold out.. i really have problems lol.. 

Don't feel bad, I've definitely ordered some stuff and questioned it later. On the Bright side (pun intended) their autographs seem to sell for a decent amount,  so worst comes to worst its probably a decent investment. I like the cover art as well so that helps.



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