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Lol. I might have to research this band beyond what I know from weddings and open my mind a bit. just a quick bit of info for this album.. The album features musical contributions from drummer Jon Theodore and Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea. 

Was this available on Newbury before? It says 750 as a newbury exclusive, released in 2020, but i don't remember ever seeing this.

This album was released a couple years ago, not sure when the signed copy was put on Newbury though. Not sure if it was put up recently or if people on here just noticed it. 

I recommend Cassadega - my fave album of theirs.

Cassadega is probably my favorite too. That's a good suggestion. 

I'll have a listen tomorrow. We have a long drive, spending the day in St Louis. Ive got over 3 hours to kill driving round trip. Im sure my wife won't mind. Ill let you know what I think. There seems to be a lot of love for these guys I never knew about

So Cassadaga as a whole was a nice album to listen to during a long drive. I let it simmer overnight before I made any conclusions. Looking back on it, I dont feel I am in place in my life needed to fully appreciate this music at the moment. I feel this is suited for anyone who is soul searching, contemplating life.  Its something I will definitely revisit at some point when I'm in the right frame of mind. There is depth.. but for me, right now, its like a fine glass of wine for someone who doesn't drink. It definitely won't stop me from listening to their other albums. Thanks for the recommendation. It was a nice little journey and has given me a new perspective of these guys. Im glad I did not pass on the signed album listed. 

Well said! I was def. In a spot in my life when I discovered them and this album, lol


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