Hi, I would appreciate opinions on this Bruce Springsteen signed guitar. It comes with a COA from Autograph Pros, for what it's worth. Thanks in advance for all replies.


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Autograph Pros is Michael Kasmar, he is on here. I don't know Bruce's graph well enough to comment on that specifically, but will vouch for Michael on being a good and trusted seller.
Thanks Adam, I appreciate the info.

Agreed. Autograph Pros is top notch.

Thanks Steve. So, you feel that the Springsteen signature on the guitar that I posted is legit?

Allen, take a large close-up of the autograph and post it please. The image you uploaded is too small and pixelated to authenticate reliably from.

Sorry about the poor quality of the photo. I'm corresponding with someone online who has the guitar for sale, so I dont have access to it to get a better pic. I will ask him to send me better photo of the signature. Thanks again.

That's OK. You'll want a better photo. Once you get one I'll ask Mike Kasmar to take a look and tell you if he sold it.

Thank you Steve, I really appreciate that.

Looks good.

Bruce very rarely sign guitars anymore, and his signature is nicer than usual. It should be expensive.

Similar sample attached for comparison.

Okay, I was able to get the owner of the guitar to send me a better photo of the signature, and have attached it here.

Also, while researching Autograph Pros and Springsteen signed guitars, I found another discussion on subject on this site. In the discussion members were speculating that the signature on the guitar in question had been taken from another source and reattached to the pickguard. To my highly untrained eye, the signatures on the guitar I am considering purchasing and the one being discussed look VERY similar, and on two different guitars. I've attached a link to the previous discussion, which was started on 10/14/14, for comparison.


Are you able to attach an image of the other signature besides this one you're considering? I wasn't able to find it.

Sure, this is the guitar that was being discussed in the thread in 2014. Evidently this guitar was on the Autograph Pros website at that time.


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