Hi there I have a copy of Bruce Springsteen's autobiography Born to Run with a signed bookplate. Someone has offered to trade me an autographed Billy Idol White Wedding vinyl album for it. Is this a good trade? Your opinion who is I'm more valuable autograph Bruce Springsteen or Billy Idol? Look forward to hearing all your opinions. Thanks, Ryan

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Even only on a book plate the Springsteen is much more valuable then Idol. A signed Idol record is between 50 and 100 Dollar. The bookplate will go for 150-200 easy

don't do it

From prices I've stumbled upon in the past, Springsteen autos are always higher than Idol's.

But as a fan, it depends if this Idol vinyl is hard to find and has a more sentimental value to you.

Not to be disrespectful of anyone's musical tastes, but from a legacy (and fame) standpoint, Idol isn't even in Springsteen's league. 

The only other consideration is whether the Idol item itself is rarer than the Springsteen one and whether Idol was a much more rare autograph or difficult signer, which I don't think is the case either way.

In general, this sounds like a pretty lopsided deal.

Bruce is worth quite a bit more

Value aside, if the LP was an old pressing/vintage signed I might think twice. A signed LP has more "intent" than a signed bookplate and makes a nice presentation. I also like Idol ;) If you do as well, perhaps the deal could be sweetened?

Bruce's signed books have dropped in value since so many were signed at his Broadway show.  They even sold signed copies (softcover) for 20.00 at the concession stand for a brief period!   A signed LP is always more desirable in my opinion.  If you are talking value, yes, Bruce is always worth more than Idol, but the Idol signed LP at this point may be harder to find than a signed Bruce book.  It kind of depends on what means more to you.  I think you will always be able to find a signed Bruce book in varying price ranges.  Not too sure about a signed Idol LP.  It comes down to your preference.




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