Bryan Adams - "So Happy It Hurts" - Limited Box - Rough Trade

Bryan Adams - "So Happy It Hurts" - Signed Photo - Deluxe 

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It's in many other websites for a while now.

I just ignored it, as it's 70 euro, and I doubt if the autograph is better than my 26 euro LP.

Cool signed print, man. I've liked Bryan Adams since '92 or so, but I've often been a little confused by some of his album covers. That photo said print was made from should've been the cover of the new record!

Where did you end up buying this box set at?

Double CD with signed insert available at Amazon Uk now 

Thanks to Steve, MN, and REM for the options! Wondering if the LP print is of the “Classic” album cover or one of the alternate “So Happy” shots. 

CD is down to 82 remaining (from 250, I think).  So better make up your mind soon if you are on the fence.  LP at 195.

Be sure to check the Amazon CDs after arrival. I left my CD sealed, when I opened it months later it turned out it did not include the signed insert. 

I ordered 3 from Amazon UK and none of them contained the signed insert. They just told me to send them back, paying myself the shipping cost as they were sent outside UK. The item was still on stock. I’ve experience this with them a couple of more time with other signed CDs


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