This item is up for sale currently. It features a COA  from a well known internet auctioneer.

I have grave doubts about the veracity of the autograph shown here and therefore I would dispute the COA that accompanies it.

Assuming the seller hasn't doctored up a COA I think the auction house missed the boat on this one...

I'm interested in your thoughts as well...

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That's an older RR Auction COA perhaps before they checked things as well as they do now.  

I haven't done any business with the company Bruce but I thought it might well be a "vintage" COA.

Do you get some bad vibes from that autograph too?? 

Well Don, bad vibes from that autograph? This is not real in my opinion. For sure not real.

Contact RR Auction and ask them to Verify the COA. That's what I would do.

it has a lot of issues

A lot of issues. No question, this is not Elvis handwriting.

Auction 201 was well before 2008. This item is being resold?  "The Certification of Authenticity inures only to the original Bidder (as shown in RR Auction's records). Bidder may not transfer, assign, or otherwise convey the Certification of Authenticity, and such purported transfer, assignment, or conveyance shall be null and void. The Certification of Authenticity is valid from date of the Auction in which Bidder was awarded the lot (the "Auction Date”) until five (5) years after the Auction Date, without exception." "Any such challenge concerning an AC or Certification of Authenticity must, without any exception, be brought within one (1) year of Bidder’s notice to RR Auction of Bidder’s contention that the lot was not authentic, or six (6) years from the Auction Date, whichever is sooner."

Nothing can be lost giving them a call.

On eBay. Same notes above apply:

I am not an Bowie Fan. What do you think Eric and also others?

Well, that is dated 1995. Here is a 1995 Bowie I sold from my own collection. It is reasonably typical for this period, especially the numerals. One of the "apostrophe's" is for the date "'95" and the other is the "dot" in the "i". See how they make sense? Bowie signed only a few of these catalogs from the Chertavian Gallery whose owner confirmed most all were signed with a fugitive pen - this was not. Unlike every example I have seen - this is also not totally covered with myriad of hairlines with go straight through the ink revealing the white hard glossy paper underneath (non absorbent).



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