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About 40 in stock at Book Soup

Must type Signed copy in the comments section at checkout. 

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Book Soup is very short handed on help.  Back in the day, they used  to be open till midnight , now they close at 7pm. These small independents of course can't pay competitive wages which is why they are always shorthanded 

Mine came today, thanks. Was shipped Fedex. 


Rizzoli sent out an email for a ticketed signing event on March 16. Under details, there is link to order a signed copy if not attending. Note that link takes you to the standard edition on Rizzoli site, so may want to note request for signed copy and/or call to confirm. Just FYI. 

Gutted the postage to the UK is the same price as the book sadly. Great find though!!

Thank you. I ordered a copy and asked for a signed copy in the comments, Strangley it opened a new account for me - but I can't access it.... I've e mailed them to double check it will be signed 

No problem, glad to help…hope it works out- I had gotten a copy through Book Soup so I wasn’t going to order but wanted to post just in case. 

Are Rizzoli Legit? 

I placed an order and paid via Paypal 4 hours ago, I paid and received an order confirmation from Rizzoli with a link to a new account.... the link to the account doesn't work.... the reset password link doesn't work,  so I queried asking what was happening, and whether they are shipping signed books, they are shipping signed books and are 100% sure I haven't ordered one even though i have e mail confirmation of the order and the funds have gone out of my account? .

Is anybody else having problems with their order? 

I called and the associate I spoke with encouraged me to wait until after the event before ordering as she will probably sign extras. 

I seem to recall there were similar issues with folks confirming their Peter Gabriel orders and/or checking status on the site (was also Rizzoli). While legit, I think it was revealed in that thread that their customer service is lacking.

Sorry to hear there are issues, I think everyone eventually got sorted on the Gabriels. 

Rizzoli is legit.

They are generally expensive on shipping but pack decently.

They tend to be slow to ship items.

They are awful for emailing you any kind of status  updates. I never even got a shipping notice for either order.  I was alerted when tracking numbers generated and I got an email from FedEx. 

But if you're patient-they are legit.  

I've ordered from them twice and aside from minimalist communication and long shipping times-they were good. But since they stock some pretty niche items that others places don't it's sometimes worth any inconvenience. 

Thanks Tom, Matt, Quadropheniac, I'm in the UK and got a reply off them late last night, my order was logged as Fraudulant as I ordered from the UK and am getting it shipped to my bundle box in the UK, even though both my shipping address and billing address were my US address, they picked up that my Payment IP address was in the UK, They have not replied to my request to keep the order open, hopefully they do. They must be really on the ball internet security wise. I will wait and see if it arrives.

Hi folks. I’ve bought a number of books from Rizzoli and and had no real issues. They’re a bit slow to respond sometimes (when I bought Gabriel book) but I’ve always received my orders (to Aust). It should be fine. Cheers 



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