Can someone Please help me, possible Ebay scam : Lon Chaney jr./John Wayne/Bela Lugosi

I am a recent member of this site, and would really appreciate if anyone could help verify/confirm these items authenticity?

I am concerned, because this ebay seller has several autographs for sale and claims that he had an uncle the worked in Hollywood form the 1940s-1970s, and obtained a plethora of signatures and memorabilia for movies. 

I'll be honest, I am very novice, but have suspicions about the seller, partly due to the fact the nearly all his autographs are on  'odd materials' such as vintage amusement park flyers or old yellowed lined paper. In addition, all his signatures are in pencil, which is not necessarily bad, but makes me very suspicious. 

I would appreciate if anyone could help soon, thank you .

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it is not a possible ebay scam. it is a typical ebay scam.  do an internet search of Lugosi and Wayne signatures and compare.  I think you will confirm your suspicions.

Thanks a lot for your insight. I had strong suspicions about this seller from the start. Any thoughts on the Chaney signature?

 The John Wayne one is no good imo

None are good in my opinion I would steer clear of all of them.

All are terrible.

Thanks everyone for your insights! I will post his username soon on the forum discussion!

How long ago you bought these ? You paid by PayPal ? GET A FULL REFUND !

Thanks! Actually I did not buy these from the seller.....but the seller has items listed on eBay and claims that they were 'used or owned' by the celebrity. After he swore he would provide proof of authenticity, I won an auction with the hopes of some 'proof' and what he provided was a joke. To collect further evidence that this seller is a fraud, I decided to see if the signatures he is listing are also fake..and as I suspected, they are. 

Luckily, I played the cards well, and the seller issued me a full refund even though he does not give refunds.  Its awful people need to resort to this to make a quick buck....

Here's the John Wayne listed for sale on Ebay.

Seller is surfinsafari505

States "We have been full-time autograph dealers for the past 25 years (collectors for 37) with the highest reputation specializing in entertainment autographs."

I am surprised it is surfinsafari505 since he is correct he has always had a good reputation.  He was one of the top sellers of celebrity personal checks and documents that were without question.  I have purchased several checks and documents over the years albeit not signed photographs from him.  Hopefully this is one of those flukes where an honest error was made.  I personally do not like the Wayne autograph.  Is he selling the other two also?  

No, I do not think he is selling the other two autographs. Once my full refund is processed from the seller I will report him. Looks like he has been selling non authentic items for a while. 

I did not buy the Wayne autograph....or any of his autographs. I purchased another item from him that he was claiming to be owned by a celebrity. I carefully researched everything he provided about the item, and nothing added up. In addition, i thought it would be worth having his autographs he has sold checked out. And as I suspected, they are fakes. 

I reported everything to eBay. 



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