i got this from my friend who was incarcerated in the SHU with Charles Manson. I have a lock of hair and finger print and want to know if its real and or worth anything.

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I'm not comparing sports to murder. I'm comparing the fascination with both things.

The criminals I mentioned had an impact on the world. Far more than any sports figure. The mindset of murder isn't the point. The point is the historical value , dark history , yes , but still history.

I make no apologies about the things I collect. And I don't appreciate you referring to me a "sheeple". If I am of that kind , everyone else who is into sports , music , film , etc is in the same boat. I disagree with you but I am not name calling.

I didn't call you anything

You took it upon yourself to make that referance

My presentation is about our people of the world... I never once directed any comments toward you personally

Read my words.... not between them

Excluding dictators there are worse cases than Manson :

Bulger murder , UK '93 (two 10 yr olds tortured and killed a 2 yr old , horrific doesn't even begin to describe this :(

I never said there weren't worse cases. But those cases didn't impact the worl d the way Manson's did.


the only place in the world that Manson had any affect was the USA and maybe Canada. And only in the news. He didn't change the world we live in. We the people changed the world he lived in.... PRISON to DEATH

He was nothing more than a pimple on a goat

Indeed the fascination is brought on by the media

A good writer and story teller can sell a backwoods outhouse to be worth 1 Million dollars to a weak and simple mind

Did Hitler have historical value.... YES

Did Charles Manson or Jeffrey Dalmer have historical value...hell NO

It's all in the presentation and what people are sucked into believing and the fault lays on our press

Petty criminals and murderer's are nothing more than petty people with a weak soul. But social media glorifies this garbage and the weak people among our population is in awe of such trash.

Don't confuse world changing dynamics with petty criminal trash

Fair enough.

But then again you don't really *need* any autograph (like food or living space etc) , be it good guy or bad guy :P

Then your problem is with the press. Not with me.

Oh my

do I really need to start again?

The press is to blame for what people are given for thought


It's the individual who is to blame for what they take inside themselves

Some people just have a sick fascination with the absurd. Similar to chics who actually go out of their way to marry these murderers in prison. I don’t get it but whatever.

I would never write or ask any of these murderes for their autograph cause I’m not a freak. But if I were chasing the lowest of the low I’d be chasing hot chicks like Jodi Arias and not old perverts, pedophiles and wackjobs.


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