Hi everyone,

I came across this signed Christopher Reeve signed photo sold by "History for Sale" and I have submitted a "Best Offer" for it. While I wait for their reply, do you think it's authentic?





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Probably one of the best fakes I have seen, they nailed the R perfectly, but there are so many other strikes against it, that I wouldn't ever be able to believe Chris signed that. 

With that name and this source this was sadly what I expected. 

Just curious, what was the asking price on this?

History for Sale is better than many on authenticity, although they make their share of mistakes. Their prices are often several times what you could buy a similar genuine autograph elsewhere for, though. 

Send member David Kuflik a friend request asking if he has a Christopher Reeve. He inherited a remarkable in-person collection from his father and aunt. 

Or post your request in this discussion he posted a few months ago:





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