Someone said she bought this signed Jackson 5 album in 1988 in a charity auction, along with 2 tickets for his concert that she went to and a jacket. She asked where to have it authenticated so I asked her to send it to me first to see if I think it's good.

Michael's is unusual but I think it's real. I'm not as familiar with the rest of the group but I think they're likely real too. 

What are your thoughts?

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Hello Steve! They were in Brazil in 2019 (São Paulo, 16 febuary) and without jermaine who cannot come for health reasons.
This is my photo autographed by them. hope i can help...

Titus for example. Undoubtedly original!

Thank you!

I don't know the brother's autographs, but Michael's autograph is not authentic to me.

I'm unconvinced by the 'Randy' sig.  It doesn't look 'typical'....

Michael one is fake, don't know the others autographs

Im with you. Can anyone share another example that looks even remotely like this one?

I think it may be an atypical fast signature forced to fit in the space it's in, but only if the other brothers look likely real. I don't know them well.

Here is one I believe to be real signed from the same period. I would also point to any authentic signed Thriller album for a comparison. Someone tried a 70s style signature on an album from the mid 80s. I think Marlon, Michael and Randy are done by the same hand in the OP.

Last thought. Are there any other examples of Jermaine doing the smiling faces in the 80s? I want to say that is a very recently added flair, say 2000s? I could be mistaken. Seems like something an older person would do, not a young, cool, guy at the height of his career.

This isnt authentic imo

Here’s one that sold through Gotta Have Rock and Roll auctions in 2012.



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