COA Heroes Of The Game Forged Mickey Mantle Photo Ebay Seller heroesofthegame305_8

Immediately below is a link to Ebay seller heroesofthegame305_8.

EBay seller heroesofthegame305_8 is a regular seller of the "Florida" forgeries.

Here is the Heroes Of The Game COA.

As you can clearly see it is your typical Florida cheesy COA.

Below are screen shots of the forgeries with COAs from Heroes Of The Game sold by Ebay seller heroesofthegame305_8.

The prices realized are a reflection of what this crap is--laughable forgeries produced on inkjet paper.

The people who buy this crap are either delusional or scammers who will flip this elsewhere.

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Another day, same old crap!  How long until these people (buyers) wake up?  Like Judge Judy says “dumb is forever”.

I like that one, Steve..."Dumb is forever."

This is my 28th year teaching school.  Believe me, the saying is true!


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