found this advert on -a back to the future autographed photo which is 100% fake and did contact the seller and all he could do was give me a big mouth and told me he have proof photo's and psa authentication?...he now want to report me to ebay?...yes his other items he is trying to sell are fakes to. when will this all end?.

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not one member who knows this seller?   i tryed to report him to ebay but even they don't let me because that part did not work?. after i contact the seller he changed his advert and put all fake places and dates from how he get the signings?. 

Do you have a link to the seller? I couldn't even find him on Ebay.

Good afternoon,

Thank you for posting this.  It led me to have a 'cast signed' Goldeneye Poster I purchased May 2020 from THIS seller checked.  To say I am devastated to learn it is counterfeit is an understatement.  

In addition to the eBay page you referenced they also go by the name of 'StuffandMoreDesigns' on Etsy, which is where I purchased the poster from.

Link to listing:

On a final note, I would be interested in knowing what factors led you to your decision that these are counterfeits?

Happy to be part of this forum.  



i'am a collector for almost 30 years and my main collection is all about ''back to the future'' and when i saw that poster i posted i did not have to examen these autographs because it did take just one look to see these are forgerys. some come really close but for the long time collectors easy to see it's all bad.hope you get your money back and when you have payed by paypal i'am sure that will give not to many problems.

Already looked into PayPal.  Unfortunately as it is now over 180 days since I paid no refund can be offered.  

As for the credit card I used to pay via PayPal, I understand card providers do not refund under the Section 75 clause if an intermediary such as PayPal is used instead of being paid solely with the card.  I've sent a S75 refund request anyway but not holding out hope.

try the seller and say you have proof they selling forgerys ... this will not work always but i did help a collector in the netherlands last week and they did refund him within a day. this seller was selling autographed posters for years and i did mention what he did was only selling forgerys and that i was a member of several autograph groups and that was enough for him to refunding the full amount. 

Some card companies will cover you if you funded a PayPal purchase thru them. I've seen it many times.

Hello DG,

you made a beginner’s mistake, which everyone of us had also made.

I bought a nice looking Miami Vice autograph and puff, it was to good to be true.

My rule since then: First of all, the nice und multisigned photos, covers and posters aren’t genuine and so I have to look at it very carefully or ask a third party (e.g. here) for an opinion.

Your poster is such a nice looking one.

Many seller know, that beginners pay their money often for these items.

Hope you will get your money back!



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