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completed cast collection #2! I was going to do another presentation using the vintage graphs and one of my rehearsal photographs (I have one of the three singing in a 1953 Honeymooners episode), but then I realized "hey, wait a minute there...I could place myself inside this thing!" What better use for my little IP Trixie? This set is making me very happy! :) Assembled with the help of the History Direct site over several years, more than one of these was likely collected by one person from the notations I have seen on these and others. This set took 10 years to complete. My first set, all matching period portrait with period signatures, took 40 years.

Click for larger image.

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Very nice work, Eric.  Congratulations.

Thanks Mike :)

Set #1 for comparison. This is mostly a bit earlier than set #1. Randolph is 1958. Technically, she is actually the hardest in vintage form by far.

Click for ,larger image:

very nice Erik.  You will appreciate this one. I had what I thought were authentic Carney, Meadows and Gleason autos, and wrote to Joyce for hers. Of course she wrote back to complete my collection. This was years ago.  then I realized that my Jackie was secretarial (about 5 years ago or so), so I replaced it with the one that I sent to you for part of your initial Gleason post a few years back.  In the meantime, I had also purchased a colorized 8x10 signed by Carney, Randolph and Meadows, missing Gleason.

About a month ago I looked at the Carney and Meadows 3x5's and started thinking they looked funny.  Now I am pretty sure they are fakes!  But I have the photo and the gleason, so my Honeymooners set is still complete!

HA! At least you are still "whole" with a set :) Everyone else gets it the other way around - fake Gleason the rest real! Your Gleason, and your help of course, are most appreciated and a good part of this thread. Thank you. :)

That is another great Honeymooners set.  Joyce Randolph is very difficult to find early examples of  but then her autograph has not changed much over the years.  Great job Eric!

Hi Scott, thank you! That she is! I have seen 2! My SP and the "to Joe" 1 of 4 we saw a while back - matching index cards. You also have been most helpful with this thread - thank you for all your careful observations and time :)

Thank you Eric very kind.

Well done Eric.

Thank you David :) I'm very pleased with it. Eventually though I guess it will have more impact with the rehearsal photographs - it will make 2 displays 1953-55.

Well, I found the date I got the Trixie - 1.25.09 at a closed performance of Billy Elliot on B'dway on a Sunday night.

I can't think of what it was called or for - it was a special Sunday night performance for all the other Broadway performers who never get to see anything. I remember I was nearly crushed to death in a huge affectionate bear-hug by Brian Stokes Mitchell. I'm like 5'9, 118 lbs, maybe. Trixie had her son with her and was talkative and sweet. A nice evening, and there were a lot of celebs about to mingle among during intermission. The show itself was really wonderful with amazing staging.



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