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Not the devil at all and I applaud you. I sell all time and could care less if anyone here dislikes it. The smart ones make the money 

True, Not the devil. there are different ways to look at this and everyone will have their own opinion. I hate resellers for their actions but that's as far as it goes. I'm sure you are all wonderful people and if we knew each other in person we would be great friends. It does Irk me to miss out on items like this and see resellers on here bragging. Not necessarily this item as I am not a fan of Cormac at all, but other items for sure. Regardless of how I feel, its always good to see things from others perspective and we can all still learn something from them. 

In the big picture, we are all still in this together and can still help each other out in different ways. I hope more resellers have the courage to join and speak up. If they are contributing items they find to this forum after they made their bulk purchases, I can live with that. just don't be hurt when I call out retailer scum in general the next time I get frustrated lol. It is still a practice that will always be frowned upon but resellers are going to lurk and take advantage of situations regardless so it really doesn't make sense to hide.

Funny you mention that, Addison. I'm willing to bet the stuff I have in my collection (that I've found secondhand) and haven't sold dwarfs the lifetime profit you've made reselling books. It's all relative.

Hell, I subsidized rhe entire cost of my collection to date by selling a handful of items this year that were based around a single Canadian politician that most of the people on this forum arent even aware of.

That being said, I do believe resellers serve a great purpose, both at retail and secondhand. There are items I've been able to get at face value that I missed out on during their original sale period.

I just don't believe in price-gouging where people brag about marking up new items several hundred per cent and then (try to) brag about their listings online. When I buy something (whether it's this book or otherwise), I look for ease-of-purchase and accessibility.

I wish you much continued success shopping at the thrift stores :)

An indie US bookstore that is auctioning off the one copy they received said in a statement there are only 500 signed sets. I have no idea if that's true or not.

I had one store yesterday selling their copy for $1200

I just laughed and said “I’ll pass” 

Does anyone know how many signed copies of the UK edition were sold by Waterstones? I wonder if any will show up in independent bookstores in the UK (and, if so, whether there is any hope of ordering one to ship to the US). 

Not sure about Waterstones but the uk indies have already had theirs. My local bookshop had one on their website and sold it for £250 (£150 plus a £100 charitable donation) 

I wonder if any are still out there. 

Did anyone actually get their copies from Amazon? Either US, CA, UK, FR.. ? 

Not me. I'm not sure if my orders were canceled yet, because I had to have two people place the orders on my behalf. For some reason, I was unable to order from directly; even before the item went out of stock, they kept canceling my orders without clear explanation. It wasn't fun attempting to interact with customer service in French through Google Translate either... 

I wonder if anyone received any copies yet. 

I ordered at and got an email saying my order would be delayed. Everyone seems to be getting their signed copies from B&N, BAM, independent bookstores, etc but I heard nobody said they've got it from Amazon, neither US, nor EU or CA.



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