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I can't believe it.

It has to be the best mass-released autograph ever.

Just received my tracking. Just hoping that there isn't a mass released autopen version lol.

I didn't get an email.  But for some reason, I never get shipping notice emails from BAM. I get order confirmations and backorder notices. But never any shipping notices.   It was in my account order history showing Order Status - Completed:   All items have been shipped. with a tracking # listed.

Have you checked your order history?

Ohh. Good tip! I just checked my order history and it's been shipped there. Thanks Danny for posting the original post back in August! 

They tried to take the money from an old card I have changed the card on my order 

does anyone know if they will try to take it again or do I contact them 

so excited to get this book

Don't risk it. Contact them!

Ok buddy I have emailed them I’m in uk wouldn’t take my uk visa so got my buddy to add his usa visa to it which it’s done so now biting my nails waiting for them to reply lol

May the force be with you!

thats my worry.  I opted out of BAM (previous bad experience) and ordered from Indigo, Amazon Fr and B&N.  B&N book is on its way so, assuming it does get delivered to me in Australia (had some books disappear into the ether once handed to Aust Post), I will have secured a copy. Any spares were to be gifts but I am not hopeful of a spare now.

Did anyone who ordered from BAM get their order cancelled or not receive shipping info yet??

Have you logged into your account to check the order status? I had an update there before I saw any email.

Yes, I received tracking for my copy, but I am wondering if BAM actually fulfilled all their orders?? If so, that is incredible... this is the best release of the decade so far in my opinion



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