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Not sure if this has already been posted! Pricey for a signed cd(I paid little over $42 after shipping and taxes) but she is someone that is so worth it in my opinion Ch. 1 Vs. 1 Signed CD – Cynthia Erivo Official Store

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Thank you for the heads up - instant order for me. Not too many auto's for sale/trade on usual channels that I could see. 

I also cannot believe this hasn't sold out, despite it being slightly more expensive for a signed CD. Cynthia is simply breathtaking and her trajectory surely is only going to go up. Her performance in Harriet was Oscar-nominated and rightly so. And her voice is incredible. 

She has an interesting signature. I got her to sign my Harriet CD at an event.

Sure is. Here is the cd I got last week.

FYI, over a year later, still in stock (over at Center Stage)

Cynthia Erivo: Ch. 1 Vs. 1 Signed CD – Verve Center Stage Store

.... maybe if they weren't $35...!  64 qty left of the orig 300, as I write this


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