I damaged an autograph I scraped apart of it off to determine of it was signed or  a reprint is there any way to fix an autograph

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You could take a page from the Coach's Corner playbook and replace the ink. Who's looking? And we won't tell. The only difference between you and CC re-inking it is that your auto has a far better chance of being authentic than theirs, even sight unseen.  8o)

Pictures please. It sounds bad. This would not be not restorations - it is alteration from what has been described. Bet bet leave alone, and learn more about why you did this in the first place. This could likely have been be determined with good eyes or a post here even. :( Sorry.

I agree with Eric a lot depends on how it looks.  We have all probably done things that in hindsight seem not such a good idea.  The ink only tells it is not not pre-printed but still could be an autopen.  My personal view is there is a fine line between restoration and reproduction. Whenever new ink is used to replace old that in my view is a reproduction no one will change my mind on that subject.  I am the first to admit my view is in the distinct minority on that subject.  As an autograph collector like a doctor I feel my first duty is "to do no harm."  Try to post a picture perhaps it doesn't look quite as bad as it sounds.

Do you think I should just it leave it alone is a damaged autograph worth more then a restoration 

So are saying I should just leave it alone. Is it still an authentic autograph if its damaged 

Personally I would leave it alone.  Assuming it was authentic to begin with damage does not change authenticity at all.  As far as restoration goes i am not the best one to answer about the value.  A lot depends on who the autograph is of for restoration services are not cheap it might be of little value to get it restored.  If there is any uncertainty about the authenticity I would certainly clear that up before spending any money getting it restored.

I would leave it alone unless it's of a substantial value and you take the step of talking it through with PSA/DNA, JSA, or another major authenticator first, before you alter or augment it, to find out exactly what their stance is on partial ink restoration of an otherwise authentic autograph. How alteration/augmentation might impact their finding if you or a buyer ever submits it.

Lets see it.Post a pic.

this is what it looks like now



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