Hello all:

Fairly new to this site but I appreciate everyone's efforts and look forward to corresponding with you all.  I have a question about a dealer named Daniel Cohen.  I came across his site early in my collecting and purchased quite a few things from him back about 8-10 years ago as he had some auctions for a few different autographs.  He wrote a book on how to spot fake autographs and went on quite a media tour to promote the book so he seemed reputable.  His site closed down a few years ago and i haven't seen any information on him since.  He was always pleasant to deal with, but i'm curious if anyone else purchased anything from him and could verify that he was legitimate (I'm hoping he was).  

If anyone could shed any light on him and if he is still in the business that would be great.  Thanks again to everyone for the warm welcome to the site.  

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I came across him in about 2012 but have not heard much since then. He used to have a good reputation so not sure why he disappeared. Any items you have, if you post images then people should be able to help

Daniel passed away in 2019. He had a good reputation although it would be best to ask about specific autographs you may own or are considering. 

You may want to start a Paul McCartney and a Elton John discussion in the "Is this autograph real" forum. There are a number of members quite skilled with this autographs although they may miss them in this discussion.

Will do that.  Thank you very much. 

You can also search his name in the search engine Steve has provided us. FWIW I don't think either of those is good. See what others say.

I too am aware of the strong reputation but I became wary. I saw autographs on his site which I personally thought were suspicious. He seemed to purchase some of his stock from Todd Mueller who is spoke of in length on this site. I purchased a Paul Newman from his auction when I was still a little wet behind the ears and, with some subsequent research, I realised it didn't look genuine. I uploaded it on here and other members agreed with me. To Cohen's credit he did accept the return. My feeling is he had a mix of good and bad. For what it's worth, I don't think the McCartney is legit. Sorry. Don't know enough about John to comment. 

What happened to the photos, Hoppy? I know you may not like the opinions but this site is here to help better inform collectors. There is an educational element to these discussions. By closing or removing parts of a discussion renders it ineffective for others.


Sorry folks. I made an edit to the text and it wiped out the photos.  Still learning how to has this site lol. They are back now.  Luckily these are not my only McCartney and Eltons if they aren’t legit.  Appreciate the feedback. 



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