This is a re-stock from previously only CD.  CDs sold out this morning.  Only very few LPs left. Hurry!

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Thanks alot! Ordered! I missed out on the cd + signed booklet

Sold out ! (and I was so happy I can order this and billy idol)

Mine arrived, CD case creased to hell and Signed Insert intact - so Newbury must have posted the CD Damaged - Not very impressed! 

I've noticed that they're not quite as reliable as I'm used to them being - damaged CDs, wrinkled booklets. And it seems to be pre-ship handling. Hoping this is a brief, temporary hiccup for a company that has otherwise been top notch over the years.

Its possible that all their restocks are just previously ordered returns with problems. 

Yeah, but at least one of the items definitely wasn't a restock. Writing it off a bad streak, but I'm hoping nothing has significantly changed with the way they operate.


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