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Sold out now.

damn missed it again

Anybody had shipment notification yet?

No, I checked with support the other day and they said to give them up to 6 weeks


Not yet, the shipping date was supposed to be the 05th, then the 22nd now another 6 weeks? 

Has anybody had a shipping notification from Barnes & Noble? 

Last I heard the new shipping date was supposed to be tomorrow and they haven't sent me any messages telling me anything different, but also haven't charged my card yet either. I've been afraid to contact them to ask and figured if I just stay silent and wait then they won't cancel my order like indigo did when I asked lol. 

I’ve not been charged yet either I paid with PayPal it just says pending on my PayPal account 

Yeah, mine isn't even showing pending anymore but I got the message from B&N saying they would be delayed until the 26th so my order must still be in there. when indigo canceled my backup I ordered another backup from Premier Collectables which I also haven't heard anything from. has anyone heard when those will ship? 3 different orders so I know 1 will have to go through lol 

I haven't heard anything from Premiere. They're not very fast shippers even when the product is in stock, so I wouldn't worry about their order just yet. 

got mine from BAM on release day..

Had an email today regarding this from my order from the bookstore in Californian. They were suppose to be getting signed books in today (26th) buts it’s been delayed till some point next week. 



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