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I don’t care the context but the stores need to put a strict 1 per customer limit until the whole line has passed over the items and then allow sales for duplicates.

Make it fair to everyone not just the one guy who happened to be first

Anyone who posts about getting 10 or esp 30 copies isn’t just a scalper but a troll trying to irritate people and fish for potential buyers.

I see the same thing all the time in Funko and Star Wars toy groups.

As this discussion diverted, I think this forum should be private. No reason for it to be open to the public (and mostly trolls that buy 10 copies)

Even better. Let’s make this section a subscription service. I’d gladly give Steve Cyrkin $15-$25 a month.

I really don't want to pay for a forum. There are some Reddit pages that do the same thing as this forum but not nearly as good. A simple Google search will get them there as well. I love this website and think it's the best and I love it the way it is. I think resellers are going to find these items no matter what, it's just the limit on how many people can buy that is the problem.

There are some things listed on here that reddit and other sites totally miss thankfullly.

Let's face it everybody on earth is a scalper, and if you say you haven't scalped then you are lying to yourself!

We've all done it - be it for signed items, a car, a house, piece of furniture, vintage clothing etc etc  - the list is endless -  some scalpers put a sensible fair price but some totally take the piss with extortionate prices and  blatantly boast on buying 5 copies of Dave Grohls book  for their band... 10 for their Soccer team... 8 for their aunt or whatever - it's a shame Jerks like that don't have their IP address banned from the forum, there must be an easy way to. 

I could have been but I wasn't greedy - I ordered 2 copies of Dave Grohls Book as I am a big fan, he's right up there with me as I'm an absolutely massive Tom Petty Fan and he was even asked to Join the Heartbreakers back in 94 - hell how great that would have been! 

Dave is in the uk next week so I've not given up hope of a few signed ones appearing 

Does anyone else panic when they see a new Dave Grohl comment and rush back to the site to see if there was restock before reading the comment lol? I am nervous about this one because I put my order in for a couple and got a confirmation email but yet the money hasn't been taken out of my account and it doesn't show up in my order history so I don't know if it went through or not. if they do restock and I catch it I plan to buy a couple more just in case and if the first order did go through I will just use the extras to sell or trade to someone on here who missed out.

Yes I just got an e-mail about a short book tour starting next week where he's going to speak and hopefully play a little and it says that each ticket includes a copy of the book, but it doesn't say it'll be autographed.  Too bad.

Tempted. Prices seem high though.

Haha I'm in the Ticketmaster queue for the NYC show and there's no price posted.  Guess I'll find out in a couple of minutes.

I just looked at the London date, only two price boundaries: cheapest £90



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