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This is a UK signed one out of the UK signed at foyles  bookshop 

It could be a Foyles book with a quick signature, but those are very rare and easy to forge. For these prices I'd only trust the tip-in books.

Definitely  genuine  come with a recite from foyles 

Yes, looks legit. 

I stand corrected! I had no idea foyles bookshop in the U.K. had any. It just looked very different to everything I’d seen so far, I thought I seller was trying it on haha

I still see bookshops making posts that they have just now sold out of signed books. It really pays to look or call around. The link I shared yesterday was legit (when we indeed broke the website of the poor indie - they got too many orders to handle).

This made me laugh

Just had shipping notification from indigo 

Just had shipping notification too! Things are on the move!

Mine still shows as awaiting shipment. Thankfully I was able to place 2 separate orders from different merchants for one book each (one for me and one for my brother) that I ordered as backups since Indigo smelled like fish. If Indigo cancels my 2 books I won’t be upset.

I just got Indigo shipping notification and charge now showing on my card via PayPal 

The website shows my order as shipped (with tracking) and my Paypal account has also been recharged (previous hold payment dropped off), so while I didn't received email confirmation, its all systems go. Pretty happy about this! 

Thanks everyone on this site for info and sharing your knowledge.

You hid the quantity for a reason. I don’t feel sorry for you. :D


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