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THANK YOU!!! I was really hoping he'd do signed copies.

Thanks! Just got one. The benefits of checking this site regularly. This is an instant money maker/collectible.

I’ve got a gal in my small town that does awesome custom framing very inexpensive. You cut the signature out of the book and mat it with an 8x10 and frame it……there’s $500! Going to keep it for my personal collection more than likely.


Exactly my thoughts.

It’s called capitalism, however I’m keeping it for my own collection in the book. For everyone who thinks it’s so “gross” (2nd grade word for this PhD).

Sorry Nick. It wasn't meant to be a jab at you personally. I'm just kinda sick of a flood of people over the last few years on this site using it for money making opportunities. People constantly complaining that they miss out on these money making opportunities, then complaining that people use this site way to much to talk about autographs instead of just posting links to more money making opportunities.

No problem, Travis. I very rarely sell my autographs. The only time I will do is to parlay the money to purchase something I’m more into. My basic point was that a book page is pretty hard to display. I like the idea of cutting the page out and framing it with an 8x10 and for insurance purposes insuring it for $500. Somewhere down the line I may need the wall space for say something like a John Lennon autograph (wishful thinking) and in that case Grohl or whoever would probably have to go somewhere else. Anyway, it’s a fun hobby and I’m glad we see it the same way.

Every time I get an email alert I am expecting somewhere else that has it for sale, but it’s not :(


Awesome, Thank you so much!

Yes Yes Yes!  Been waiting for this!


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