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   I love David Jason and grew up watching Only Fools And Horses so really want this one to be good. What do you think good or not good?

Thanks !

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it was never on tv in the netherlands but happy with the bbc where i found this great sitcom and can't describe how i love ofah still after so many years. did have a very large collection of autographed photo's from much of the cast and now i have only a large signed photo of david and nicholas but to answer your question i happily can say the david jason you posted is real.

I was really worried about the David Jason, the thing that bothered me was the J not going through the D, most of the ones i had seen that had been authenticated the J went through the D creating a more realistic D, i really did think this one was going to be bad. I think i have a lot to learn. Thanks that has cheered me up today ! I will be honest this was a pot luck on Ebay. Silly me ! I had a Jim Carrrey declined by Beckket earlier. I dont think i ever looked at it properly and compared. I'm going to post it just to give you a laugh. Its terrible. LOL

looks like someone did run past this photo while trying to sign it? not real for sure...but the david jason is good. 

Maybe he signed it whilst performing one of his spins in the mask, when the smoke is coming off of him haha. I really don't know why i did not just check it now, because i have since looked around and this i should have easily seen myself. Its got to be the worst thing in my collection. I so want to buy another one because i loved Jim Carrey as a kid.

The seller still on Ebay i messaged him but he said he sold it in good faith and thought it was 100% genuine, and because it was a while ago no ebay protection. Paid £100 ouchhhh. I dont know what possesed me. Big fan.

100 pounds feels really bad but there must be a way to get your money there a link to the seller?. i have one large 11x14 photo of jim with a perfect 10 autograph which i bought from ''autograph world'' and they are a trusted seller. i wil make a list for you with trusted sellers  ''as soon as possible''.

Thats so kind of you and i really appreciate a list, it could save me so much hassle in the future. Yes i have heard of Autograph World and have been on their website. Can i PM you the link for the person i got the Jim Carrey from? Its just a private seller, but they told me they were getting rid of their autograph collection but they are still selling autographs which i thought was a bit odd unless they are the same ones they have had on there for a couple of years. They told me to go to the person who issued the life guarantee, but guess what they are all either no longer in business or never were. Who knows. I have 2 COA's that are just worethless bits of paper.

Ebay just said you are outside of your protection period but they made a note of it and i sent them my unlikely to get authentication message from Beckket. But could not refund me. I would have thought they would be a little more helpful.

DAVID%20JASON%20SIGNED%206X4%20PHOTO1.JPGI am not as confident on this as Rob sadly. I feel the signature is too neat and parts of the signature look different to what I'm used to. I would be interested to see when it was signed and where - sit down vs in the street etc. Here is one I had signed in 2019 by Sir David,

Sadly most of have learnt expensive lessons and they are never easy to learn. There are sadly some very good forgers out there and as we find everyday, some are almost impossible to tell the real from the fakes. You can still leave it to the kids and I'm sure the kids will be happy to have something anyway from dad. 

Dan what do you think of this one? Got it last year...

Whilst the loop is a little long and the signature quite large in makeup I have seen this before and believe yours is authentic and a good image. Did you get this in person or purchase?



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