This is on eBay right now with 13 bids. This is disgusting and has completely impeached the credibility of PSA. What a complete and utter sham failure.

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I can actually respect a man for that and hard to fault him for it.  

In my humble opinion, not a chance Griffith signed this.

I just emailed this to the seller......

Just now on eBay I found two more embarrassing “authentications” from PSA. Don Knotts was never within 1000 miles of these cards. Why anyone would pay their hard earned money to a company that has made countless mistakes in authenticate their beyond me. How many times does a company have to drop the ball before people say enough is enough?

I believe the Knotts cards are the product of a known ebay forgery mill seller. There are a few ebay "powerseller" types who buy this junk cheap, get it certed and then flip.

I have warned one such "powerseller" he was passing junk and he always ignores my messages. He doesn't give a damn... as long as something is certed he'll sell it. Sadly he is not alone in that philosophy.

Horrible that someone forges Knotts.  The man was a great IP signer and I heard good TTM as well.  There should be a wealth of real ones out there

ebay seller JMHAY05, now using the name OPM1877, was/is a major seller of signed TV show cards of this nature. 

JMHAY05 / OPM1877 completed auctions.

A seemingly limitless supply of cast signed items over the years. In my opinion, the space related items he has offered have all been suspect.

I'll let you be the judge of the material in question.

It sold for $255. $255 worth of nothing. What an absolute disgrace to this hobby.

In my humble opinion this 1990 Griffith is a forgery. For what it is worth, the manager signed a much better signature of Griffith……that is what I heard.

Let's add the secretarial and forgery Gleason's they have on their Facts page. Facts indeed...the pink page they sepict I have shown to be forged...I have written and they just don't care. Here are others by the same forger.


beckett, jsa, and psa/dna all have made mistakes, bad ones. i don't have much faith in any of those companies. 

I have repeated many times. Don't trust authenticators. They are in the business of business and authentication is secondary. I would only buy an autograph when I'm about 95% sure. Authenticators must be anything over 50%. When they are authenticating for auction houses they they can't afford to be fussy in the answers they give or the auction house will find someone more forgiving. Don't trust them, period. 



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