Posting this here so we don't have to keep going into a Kiss thread for Def Leppard.

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For UK only - Recordstore have a signed CD bundle for £78.99 (48 left) - Recordstore Day, every day. CDs, Vinyl, Merchan...

(Bundle includes Diamond Star Halos: Exclusive Signed CD, Clear Vinyl 2LP, Picture Disc 2LP + Cassette)

More excitingly you can just buy the signed CD for £10.99

Thank you so much! ordered

I'm in usa also I tryed to order stuff from there before too and at the last step it won't let me and says not available to ship to country or something like that

Cheers got one .. but it’s now sold out 

Missed that again.  Hopefully other got one and not 10!

It was strictly one per order so hopefully so 

It was limited to one and seemed to be UK only.

Thank you kindly.

I must have gotten one of the last ones.

UK Customers - Why can't talk shop ship to the UK Wahhhh

US Customers - Why can't recordstoreuk ship to the US Wahhhhh

Get a forwarder, stop crying!

US: Stackry

UK: Forwardvia

Those are mine and quite happy with them. There are others...

Proper thread!


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