Def Leppard - Drastic Symphonies - CD Autographed - Talkshoplive

credit to Kenny K but this is another one that needs it's own post

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Thanks mate 

Thanks, got one :)

Thanks, hopefully some actual signed vinyls or vinyl inserts will show up as well.

Must have not had many. Already sold out.

Why TSL thooough...


Dammit always miss out on their autograph:(

me too. so annoying 

posting this here as well (thanks for the 2nd chance)

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The Rock N Roll Channel

Def Leppard - Drastic Symphonies - CD Autographed IS BACK, BUT YA BETTER BE QUICK!

Thanks! Missed it the first time.

Thanks Squire. I missed the first go around as well.

Definitely snagged one of these! However I think the last one will end up being better sigs. These are done in boring black sharpie it appears.


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