Hi all:

I bought this many years ago on ebay. It was signed smoothly and with good flow and is very close to verified exemplars I can find. However, I can't find many. Certainly not an obvious fake as you often see.

The only thing that nags at me a bit is that it doesn't seem quite as "whispy" and flambouyant as some signatures I find.  Could be he just didn't always sign that way, but I appreciate any informed opinions. Thanks.

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I got Deforest and James Doohan on a flight many years ago.  They were nice and signed whatever you had.  I don't have a scanner but I looked and this Deforest is dead on.  Hope that helps.

Wow, meeting them both must have been an incredible moment, do you recall what year this was? Maybe they were on the way to a convention.

I have over 40 in person DeForrest Kelley signatures in my collection and this one you show is as GOOD as any of mine.  You can rest comfortably....


Thanks guys,.. I really appreciate the feedback and it gives me reassurance. I'll be able to fully enjoy it now.

The "core" of the signature looked fine to me, but the fact that it didn't have the extra "flair" on the D and the Y nagged at me a bit.



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