What do you guys think if this signature I found?  Supposedly signed august 18th 1970

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Very nice and genuine! 

Yah think? That would be really awesome, I gotta bid on it.

I do think! Hope you get it. Been looking for a good vintage one myself.

I hear ya, me too.  I bid heavenly on this card signed by the cream, but it went for 1400 British pounds and I just couldn't compete with that kind of money

Honestly, that's a wonderful set of signatures although 1400GBP sounds very high, IMO.

I agree.  Easily one of the best Claptons I've ever seen.  I bid around 800 and had to stop.  Still pretty broken up about it.

If you think that's high, I found where the guy who won it is selling it on Ebay for $5500! Lol

How about this Blind Faith set from 1968?

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I think the originally posted item is good.  The one Bjarne listed is messed up but likely good and seems to come from the same place as this piece (which must have been a helluv a collection)

That's a lot of red.......................

It was actually a total of 4 people that was collecting autographs in these kind of books with red pens in Sweden in the 60-70s. I have seen a part of the collections including Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and wings.

I wish the collection was still in one piece and not spread out.

Neat bit of history. Blind Faith was very short lived and only 2-3 concerts in Sweden in 69. Couldn't be many sets of signatures by the entire group around. Guess I'm showing my age now! 


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