Diana Ross has added signed bundles to her store which include vinyls in addition to new signed posters… all very pricey!


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Ouch! $800 for an autographed vinyl and some merch (on top of the already pricey signed poster). For that price she should have signed all posters in the bundle.

I wonder who this is aimed at. Face mask and neck gaiters? If you're that big of a fan with this kind of money to spare I'd assume most would have already fulfilled their merch needs during the tour.

I agree! I was quite shocked when I saw the amount but decided to post in case anyone did want to take the jump and buy. The tour posters were available at her Uk shows for £100 - unfortunately they weren’t ready at my date (mine was the first). Quite the mark up on her site unfortunately 

Well I'm going to respectfully disagree, one of the last living icons, a signed poster for 200 dollars with solid provenance, no brainer. Thanks OP, this made my day, have been looking for years for her autograph. 

No worries! Glad you managed to get what you wanted!

I owe you one

Thank you for posting! $200 for a signed poster isn’t too bad IMO!

$25 flat fee for shipping and no taxes….


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