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Is this Robert Redford Real? It's the one in black and white on top, from The Horse Whisperer. My concern is that it does not look anything like the following graphs below which all have COA's. I purchased this from someone I respect and have come to be friends with in the autograph community, that is why I did not do my typical due diligence. Thank you to this group.

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It's a fraud you guys. A total fraud. I'm so...I can't say the word.  

The top once could be one of his TTM secretarials

Your Redford is atypical. Possibly secretarial.

We all have made mistakes.  Trouble is, there are more opportunities now for mistakes than ever before!

If your seller is a friend it should be easy to return, no?

Isn't that the truth.

I appreciate all of your responses. Reached out to the seller and he said that he is going to refund me right away. All of his RR autographs look the same.Befriended me a few months ago and was very aggressive in pushing autographs my way, only problem is they are all mostly old actors and actresses, most of whom I’d never heard of. I told him I wasn’t  interested. I started questioning why he had all these old autographs he never shares. Not on eBay, not on RACC, where he is a member. Unfortunately, I do not believe that I have been his only target.   


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