First off, I'm having trouble deciding if this auto is legit. My initial thought is yes. And If yall agree, then someone got a sweet triple crown inscription auto for $250!!!

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they most certainly did!

They did, but I would be cautious because of the low seller rating. Guy might end up paying and the ball might never show up. Paypal may take the loss for this one. 

I had the same concern. Might be totally legit, but it gives you pause when you see a too good to be true bargain from a very low feedback seller.

Sometimes it is worth taking a chance. 

I've purchased some Mickey Mantle & Derek Jeter autographs at great prices from sellers with very low feedback. 

Every transaction went very well for me.

The worse that could happen is that you have to wait for a refund from PayPal.

Agreed, I've picked up some nice items at incredible prices from "newbie" eBay sellers. In fact sometimes I prefer it this way, because they tend to be so dumb that they don't know the market LOL. The 0 or "low feedback" sellers don't bother me, it's the ones with negative feedback already that I avoid.

And yes, $250 for that is a STEAL! Probably a $750-$1000 ball with PSA/DNA LOA. 

Yeah I take the chances too, just saying that a lot of the time I pay and then there's absolutely no communication between me and the seller.

I doubt that will ever sell at that price, but the one in the OP is in way better condition so perhaps we are dealing with one of the greatest steals of ALL TIME! Can't believe it wasn't one of us... or was it...?

No kidding. I was immediately sad upon seeing it after it had ended.

I wish.....yeah that price is ridiculous, especially with the spots.....but man, 250 bucks???

Yup. I contacted him and the ball has been SOLD and SHIPPED

$250 is a damn good deal on a normal Mantle...this was indeed one hell of a deal. I got a feeling we will see this with a PSA/DNA LOA at $2,500obo on the FeeBay here in a month or so.

This is the type of deal having a "good eye" can get you! No question authentic, I'm just mad it slipped through my daily Mantle searches. LOL. 

wish I woulda seen this one on ebay.  Dammit. 



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