Dolly Parton & James Patterson signed book!!

Be quick!!! 

Sure to sell out pretty quick! 

UK buyers, remember 6.8% cash back with topcashback. Also £5 when you spend £30 and £10 when you spend £50 on WHSmith website with code: BEQUICK

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I wonder what the interest they've been collecting will go to.

Haha.. better autopens..

Waterstones had an issue with Captain Tom Moore books a year or two ago.It was brought to their attention that the autographs were stamped rather than handsigned.They emailed customers telling them this and offered refunds with free return postage.

I will be keeping my "signed copy" of this book, i'd rather have it with autopen than no autograph although I did return my Tom Moore book

There are odd books eg certain titles by Laini Taylor and Cassandra Clare that collectors will pay a premium for known facsimile autographs.John Grisham also did a limited edition facsimile autograph in at least one of his novels that again attracts a higher price than the not signed version

This is true and strangely there is a market for autopen signatures. I was one of the unlucky recipients of that infamous Gregg Allman autopen book. I bought it from some small Georgia bookstore and didn't feel like sending it back.  I put it up on ebay and was very upfront about it being an autopen signature.  A guy purchased it right away and thanked me for my honesty. I later on was able to obtain a real signed copy at Book Soup. Even though its fake,  the Dolly book would probably still sell .

Just sent a follow up to Chronicle: 

Thanks for your response. 

Unfortunately, I disagree based on the examples I’ve seen. It is clear that an autopen template was used for the signature on my sleeve. I’m an extensive collector and very familiar with autopen. I’ve seen exact duplicates of the signature on my sleeve on other products. 
I can provide examples to support my case, but I understand that others have already emailed examples to your company. This issue is being widely discussed and documented in the autograph community online. 
I strongly urge you to reconsider your position on this issues and advise how you will address it. I’m still within the timeframe to file a chargeback with my credit card, or a dispute with PayPal. I hesitate to go this route but I’m not letting this go. I wanted to give you a chance to address this again.
I never complained when I received a “signed” sleeve instead of the signed book that was advertised, but drawing the line at autopen.
Thank you,

Just to add a data point here’s mine from WH Smith 

If this can help, photo of my Dolly's autog in songteller20220308_104626.jpg

What do you make of this? Real? (just received from Waterstones)

When you flip the page are there any dots like these? 

There are dots, just not as marked as on your picture. Verdict?

Damn, I thought I got a real one lol



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