Like many i have always been a huge Eagles fan.

And also like many Hotel California sealed the deal in terms of my respect for these guys.

I happened to be in Hong kong on business in October 2004 and on the afternoon I was returning to my hotel which was the Grand Hyatt Hotel I immediately noticed a stack of luggage and a few people milling around.

The luggage was all tagged with the Eagles on tour labels.

A moment later I saw Irving Azoff the Eagles manager in reception.

Clearly the Eagles were in Hong Kong and clearly they were staying in my hotel.

I had no idea they were performing at the Hong Kong Coliseum on October 20 in 2 days time.

I had never seen the Eagles perform and as I was such a huge fan decided to purchase a ticket.

The ticket price was a record for a Hong Kong show and I think I paid USD350 for the ticket.

I had purchased a premium seat (with a premium price) and I arrived at the venue on the night of the show a little early as I was by myself. The seat I had purchased was something like the 2nd last row of the premium section which although good it was still a long way back. I decided to try my luck and went to the ticket counter and waited in line to ask if I could possibly get a better ticket.

I finally got to the front of the counter and I asked the ticket girl if she could find me a seat in a better position. I waiting in anticipation hoping she would help. She tapped away on her key board and didn't say a word. She then printed a new ticket and handed it to me in exchange for my old ticket.

I walked back into the venue and went through the doors, walked to the premium section, then continued to walk closer and closer and closer to the stage until I was standing literally 2 meters from the mike which was positioned centre stage.

She had given me Row AA seat 84.

Front row.

Dead centre.

It was incredible.

2 hour show front row - dead centre!

Now if that wasn't good enough I also left Hong Kong with a personal note from Don Henley!

The night before the show I was dining at the Grand Hyatt Japanese restaurant and in walks Don Henley and Irving Azoff.

They were shown to a private room and the door closed.

I was eating at the sushi bar and I asked the waitress if she could deliver a note to Mr Henley.

I had written a personal note to Don expressing to him how special 2 of his songs were to me and if he would mind writing his signature for me.

These 2 songs were New York Minute and Wasted Time.

I waited for what seemed like an eternity hoping that every time the waitress came out of the private room she would have a reply from Don.

Well eventually after quite a long time the door to the private room opened yet again and this time the waitress approached me with the note that I had written to Don Henley.

On the front was my note to Don and on the back was written....

To Glenn with appreciation Don Henley Hong Kong 10-19-04

Signed by Don Henley.

So thats my Don Henley / Eagles story.

It was an amazing experience seeing the Eagles up so close and to get this personal note from Don Henley.

Hope you enjoyed the story.


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great story!

Thanks mate - glad you enjoyed it!

Very cool!

Now that´s a really cool story. Thanks for sharing.

That is incredible! Thank you for sharing. While autographs in themselves is great fun for me to see and talk about, the stories and history around them is what gets me excited. Thank you. 

Appreciate your comments, thanks for posting.



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