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A little hard to see, but looks like the real thing.


I don't believe its genuine

Same to me Bryan. I also think this one is a little bit of odd. 

Can we rule out autopen? I see a lot of stuttering when zooming in especially noticeable at the top pf the 2nd D.. if not an autopen, my opinion is its real.. ill try to search if there are any exact matches for autopens later tonight. It seems like its a possibility with this one

I see some wavy lines near the beginning, I’m thinking fake.

I'm leaning autopen

Yes. I think it's autopen too. 

The signature is definitely real, but it’s very difficult to see whether it’s an autopen or not from the photo here.

it is either authentic or autopen, it is not a forgery

Looks like it might be autopen by the ink flow and end of points. It’s also even pen pressure throughout. Those are signs of it being autopen. Need a match to confirm though.


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