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I want to ask your advice about this signed album. Can it be authentic? It is with COA but from (more or less) controversial examiner Donald Frangipani from 1/2022. The seller is asking for 7.8k

It also comes with a story "Album was owned by a record executive at Elektra Records for the past 50 years and was hand signed at Elektra Corporate office by all four members in the same blue ball point pen." But its without any proof

What do you think?


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This is not authentic, unfortunately. 

I agree with Jack. It definitely isn’t authentic in my opinion. 

Thank you very much for your answers! If it possible to describe, can I ask why is this not authentic? I mean for the future, to know what to avoid and dont waste the time...

This actually is a common forgery style. There are no known fully-signed copies of the debut album.

Donald Frangipani was exposed in Operation Bullpen as an "auththenicator" who would certify anything if paid enough for it. I wouldn't trust ANYTHING with his COA attached to it. Even eBay banned his certs and that's saying something. 

Beyond fake.

These turn up down here in NZ. If you see the name Donald Frangipani linked to anything put your wallet away.

The OP asking why it's fake...kind of bothers me. Because...if THEY are the one trying to sell fake items, it helps them learn what to correct. If they're just someone looking to make a purchase and not be duped, okay. I get that. BUT...we can't explain to you why something is bad sometimes. We know Doors signatures, and we know what forged in their style looks like, but you can't describe it. It's like that politician that said he can't describe pornography, but he knows it when he sees it.

Thank you all for your replies

Josh, dont worry, Im not seller or something like that, I just want (or better wanted) to buy something nice. I see now its very complicated and full of scum :(

BTW Mr. Frangipani, why he still have license for this? But I'm not from US, you have probably different laws so it's more or less my rhetorical question


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