Here are three signed contracts between The Doors and Elektra Records. As you can see, two of these are identical pages from an October 1968 contract. The other is a page from a February 1970 contract. Although the signatures are all clearly different, I find them to be very similar in appearance.

I'd like to point out that the other signature on each of these contracts is that of Elektra President Jac Holzman. On each of the two 1968 contracts, Holzman has signed above Lawrence Harris' printed name. Harris was also an Elektra executive at that time.

A few things that I find particularly unusual in comparing the signatures are the second "r" and second "o" in "Morrison", and the "n" in "John."


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Good points. 

I received a couple of scans of a signed copy of the "Waiting For the Sun" album. The other signatures look vintage and authentic, but the Morrison signature appears to possibly be secretarial. I'll see if I can post it here for opinions. were right! The Morrison signed album sold for $11,959 +20%. So not even $15,000 out the door.

And the Bonham-signed Led Zeppelin II brought $1,655 +20%. I think it's worth a lot more.

I'd love to see the "Waiting For the Sun".

I'm surprised that there was wasn't much movement on the Morrison-signed album and a number of others in the last few hours. Most auctions have more action near the end.

The Morrison signed album in R&R didn't reach reserve.

Did it reach the reserve this time around? I would guess that it didn't. It ended at $17,365, including BP.

Ballroom...did you know this about Janice Joplin?

She Dissed Jim Morrison – Twice!

The Doors frontman Jim Morrison was physically turned on to Joplin after she busted a bottle of Southern Comfort over his head, knocking him out cold. Morrison, loving the physical confrontation and her violent attitude, seemed to be in love. The day after this strange encounter during rehearsals, he asked producer Paul Rothchild for her phone number. Joplin had no intent on getting together with Morrison again and as it turns out, they never did. Morrison was reportedly heartbroken.

Ha ha. Yeah, I had read that before. Pretty outrageous.

RR sold the Morrison signed Doors album sold for $17,365. Should be a killer investment, since it appears to be the only genuine Morrison-signed Doors album ever on the market. 

Thanks. If the consignor has owned it since it was last auctioned in '07, I believe it needed to sell for $20.5K in order for that person to break even. That's why I assumed that it didn't meet the reserve.   

I missed that it sold for $20,500 a few years ago. Shame he's taking a loss. Once people realize how rare these are this album could go for several times today's price.

Sorry, I wasn't too clear. It actually sold for $14,350 back in '07. Therefore, it would have had to sell for $20.5K, including the buyer's premium, in order for the seller to have broken even. 

Unfortunately, this one just sold on eBay for a BIN price of $350.


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