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I am soo delighted that I got one too and had it sent it to my UK friend!! You all are Ahhmayzing for letting us know it was available :-) :-D 

Someone PLEASE help me get one of these!!  Please help me!!!

If you live in the UK we can trade

I keep getting "This product is unfortunately not available in your country"
Even with VPN.
I already have a copy, but if they will have the 3rd one, I'm screwed !

I was getting that too and I changed both the billing and shipping address on my account to the UK address of the forwarding company and it went through.

You have one already? I dont think you can get more than 1 with the same CC and you need a UK address…plus, why the hell you want more? You are not planning on resell are ya?

No, I don't have one already, I ordered one the first time and I was having the same problem and I changed the address to the UK one I got with the forwarding service someone suggested on here. not sure if your new on here but you shouldn't be accusing people of stuff when you don't know what you're talking about, and which wouldn't be any of your business even if I did. I'm the one that posted the restock and I post a lot of good stuff on here but I'm about to stop if garbage like this keeps happening.

When this CD came out, I got this message on my phone, but it worked from the laptop.
So I checked and hopefully I solved it. I didn't order another one! don't  worry. Really don't know Dua Lipa.

I don't like buying CDs nor signed art cards. I do it when there's is no other option.
Doubles are not my thing, Just look at my last posts. 

Why won't it give me a buy it option??

I think they are sold out now. This also happened with the previous drop.

Has anybody received the Dua’s in the mail from the original drop yet? I haven’t had any further contact from the store since.

No - but mine only went to processed this evening so I suspect we will get them tomorrow or Friday!



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