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I check my mail every day.

Sorry, I meant digital mailbox. I thought you were using a forwarding service. Not all of them send a notification when a package arrives. My mistake.

No worries.

I live in the U.K.  My mailbox is made of metal and is located in the lobby of my apartment building.  I use email to receive shipping notifications, and my hands and eyes to check the mailbox for packages.

Of course, it’s possible I only exist in some sort of virtual reality, like in World on a Wire, or The Matrix for you younger folk, in which case all of this is digital.  If that is the case, I apologise for my confusion.

My Elton has been sitting at the forwarding service for 10 days and the Dua one showed up there today so I guess they are finally shipping. the Elton was going to cost $43 to ship to the U.S. and it says the fee to consolidate the 2 shipments is another $13.80 so this is getting expensive. a second cd single won't add much to the weight so hopefully, it doesn't take the actual shipping fee up much more than that.

Which forwarding service are you using KD? I thought they charged like £2-3 to consolidate packages, not £9.

I'm guessing this is MyUKMailbox, they charge a flat fee of £9,99 to consolidate up to 10 parcels in the standard plan. I use them when I expect multiple packages, especially around this time of year.

You might end up a little cheaper by taking the premium service for a month. It costs £14,99, but the £9,99 consolidation is included and you get a discount on the shipping rate. They can also repack the items for you which is included in the Premium package.

Be careful to select the right option, consolidation vs repacking. Consolidation is putting the 2 packages into a bigger package, with repacking they take them out of the envelopes. I believe you need both to save volume thus shipping costs. When I started with standard the charges quickly added up. I now only use them when I expect a lot of packages and then use a Premium subscription.

 The one someone posted on here called myUKmailbox,  it says Consolidation Fee + £9.99 for the first 10 parcels, now does that mean that fee covers 10 parcels, or is that the fee for each additional parcel up to 10? the bad thing is I ordered another Dua lipa signed one when they went back on sale thinking the first one was lost, and I wrote them earlier to try to cancel it but just got a shipping confirmation on that one now. hope this doesn't end up costing $100 to get them here. 

The 9,99 covers 2 to 10 packages, so it's not a per package fee. Shipping shouldn't be much more with just an extra CD.

The extra Dua shouldn't make a difference in your costs. If you sell it it might help you make a little money back.

Yeah, I'm gonna do it and was just hoping it would be closer to $50 rather than $100 for shipping, and if the 9,99 fee covers both the Dua's then it will be $43 plus around $13 for combining, so depending on how much it jumps with the 2 extra CDs it sounds like it will be somewhere in the middle. now if they send extra Elton's for my Dua's as they did for some people it will make the shipping fees much more bearable lol.

Any conclusion if these are real or fake yet??

I got an elton again !! Wont complain ! These are all real for sure !! Especially the one in rebelandrews pic above 

.thats his signature flow !

What do you mean yet? Seems like you're the only person asking this question.



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